Night Angel

“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.”

Lord Byron

There are places in this world that I would consider to be magical. Where we can feel a connection with what is beyond… There are moments that you see a light shine so bright you can’t help but be in awe. I have days filled with wonder. Paths that whisper I’m heading the right way. So I close my eyes and trust. And when I come to settle my feet upon this earth again, I know I must create something like this.


Please contact me if you would like to have a work of art created just for you…
And may all your paths lead you to magic and wonder.

Alvorecer (Dawn)

Está naquela idade inquieta e duvidosa,
Que não é dia claro e é já o alvorecer;
Entreaberto botão, entrefechada rosa,
Um pouco de menina e um pouco de mulher.

(Machado de Assis)

She is at that restless and dubious age,
That is not daylight and is already dawn;
A budding rose and a rose not yet in bloom,
One part little girl, the other a little woman.

Please forgive my awful translation. You can’t translate a poem from it’s natural language and not lose some of the magic behind the words… My grandpa and I were very close. We shared a love for all things books. We were both curious and he always encouraged me to explore new things. When I was still an awkward teen, he introduced me to this poem written by one of Brazil’s legendary authors. In it, Machado de Assis describes the magic woven by a young teen who sometimes acted like a grown woman and others like the little girl she was. I have always carried the words of that poem in my heart. So here is my little girl maybe a little younger than I was when my grandpa read those words to me. But she is definitely at that age:  “one part little girl, the other a little woman.” And even though I wasn’t consciously thinking of the poem while creating this artistic rendering of a young girl resting (after too much dancing maybe), I’m sure it was lurking somewhere in my subconscious just waiting to make it’s appearance when I was about to give my work a title.

Hoping you all are enjoying your weekend… Ta ta for now!

You are Formally Invited…


Yes, you are formally invited to the most magical tea party of all. With panda bears, baby ducks and bunny rabbits. With the sweetest treats of all. Here you will find joy and see the impossible become possible. So grab a cup of tea, sit down and let your imagination run wild!



I photographed this gorgeous curly haired girl at her parents house when she was sitting at the dinner table. Her expression of joy was just too much too pass up on. Knowing how much she loves animals I figured I would create a work of art with her and her furry friends at a tea party. This was an exercise in grabbing an ordinary image and making it extraordinary.
Ta-ta for now!