What is a Dreamscape?

Dreamscapes are a fantasy world of extraordinary light, color and texture. This artwork is about creating beauty and dreams. The results will be unique and something you will want to showcase in your home.

What is involved in the creation of a Dreamscape?

The creative process will start with a meeting about 1 to 2 weeks before the scheduled shoot date. At that time you will have the opportunity to see the dresses, gowns and costumes we have available at the studio. You will be able to wear one of these or bring something that is unique to you. We will talk about your dreams, hobbies, passions and more to serve as inspiration for the artwork. Your shoot will be held at the studio or on location, where I will take a variety of pictures in different poses and lighting styles. I will then do the rest of the work using powerful computer design applications to combine other equally stunning design elements. Because of the complexity and lengthy process used to create this vision, it may take several weeks before you see your one final image.

What is included in the Dreamscape?

Complimentary Hair and Make-Up for 1 (one) person either at my designated professional salon or in the studio (depending on the availability of the make-up artist). Currently this complimentary service is only available in Louisville.

One large (16x20/16x24/24x24) Framed Fine Art Print

One Digital copy of the image (with print release good for printing photographs in size up to 8x10)

One digital image for use in social media and/or websites.

Animated Artwork and/or a Behind the Scenes Movie may possibly be included.

What is my investment for a Dreamscape?

There will be a $150.00 non-refundable payment due on the day you schedule your portrait. The balance of your investment must be paid by your scheduled shoot date. If you prefer, you may pay the balance in up to 6 installment payments.

Travel costs are not included. If travel is required reasonable travel expenses for the artist and assistant will be required to be paid in advance.

Total Investment (within Metro Louisville): $1500.00