The Storyteller

“Capturing the Light Within”

I am an artist. I use a camera to paint my canvas.

I am a storyteller. I listen to the voices of fairies as I weave my tales of giggles and pixie dust.

My world is pure magic. I see light everywhere...

As a child, I was allowed to believe. As an adult, I teach my children to be. Together we create the most perfect imperfect life. It's because of them that I still dream.

Here we play with pirates, fight dragons and twirl on top of daisies. We dive through magic portals to castles and lands far, far away. Unicorns play with us. We are fairies, we are mermaids, we are knights in shining armor.

Life is full of reality. So take a moment, close your eyes and open your heart to a world full of possibilities.

Together we can paint our own rainbow...

Maria Cotrim