The Storyteller

“Capturing the Light Within”

I have a story to tell. But this story is not one that has a beginning, middle and end. This is a story of emotions. One that hangs on to your soul and makes you smile even in the most difficult days.

My grandparents’ house was an amazing place. There were secret passages and hidden spaces. It was a mixture of the old world and modern technology (or at least my grandpa tried to modernize things here and there while my grandma promptly tried to ignore them). We were surrounded by art, books, some drama and lots of laughter. Life was good there. There are so many things I could tell you about that house but most of them would only really have meaning to me. What I would like to focus on is the pictures that surrounded us, from the formal portrait paintings of our ancestors to actual photographs (weddings, babies, children, teens). I can remember to this day running through the house and passing those pictures like they were old acquaintances. I can recall looking at their faces, studying the way they looked and wondering if we had anything in common. I once was told I had the hands of an ancestress, the one in the big painting. I ran to look at her hands. I’m not sure I really saw a resemblance, but I did wonder what her hobbies were. Did she like to write like I did? Was that something that was passed down through generations of hands that looked like hers? It was an amazing feeling to look back in time and see where I had come from.

Today life is different. A good kind of different. We live in an age where having our image captured involves a phone and a stretch of the arm (the oh so famous selfie). I have never seen so many pictures in my life and it makes me smile. Our children’s milestones are all photographed and shared on social media. That way, family and friends so far away can see them. And hopefully it will be a memory for all of eternity. Or will it? Will my great great granddaughter be able to look at pictures of me and wonder what traits I passed on to her? As long as I only exist inside a computer, on social media and on a cloud service, she may never really know who I was.

It’s because of thoughts like these that I truly believe in the value of printed pictures. You know, the kind you see in albums and hanging on the wall. I believe in walking by them daily as if they were old friends. I like looking up at a smiling face or a quiet moment and feeling the love pouring from my heart. I believe that these albums and portraits will survive the test of time.

So it is my dream to be able to do the same for you and your family. I want to capture pictures with personality. Pictures that you will look at and recognize as a work of art. I want you to have pictures that you can proudly display in your home and that will make your great great great grandchildren wonder about who you were. I want to help you tell the story of you.

Maria Cotrim